What are the symptoms of hair loss?

What is normal hair loss?

Hair loss is a normal thing, everyone looses about 100 hairs a day. But the hair will usually regrow at the same rate. It is only when your hair loss rate is greater than the regrow rate that hair loss could be a problem.

What are the symptoms of excess hair loss?

The symptoms of hair loss will be different depending on what type of hair loss it is.

Natural thinning, which occurs on most people over a certain age, is very gradual and happens slowly over time. You might not notice it before you see the difference.

Provillus Hair Loss TreatmentNormal thinning in men will usually give less hair or bald spots around the forehead or on top of the head. For women the thinning will occur all over the scalp but mostly on the top of the head. Baldness is not as common for women as for men.

Sometimes hair might fall off in large amounts, either in one specific are or all over the scalp. Rapid or accelerating hair loss might indicate a disease, stress or dietary issues, and you should see your physician to sort out the cause of the problem.

Full-body hair loss can be caused by some conditions or medical treatments like chemotherapy for cancer. It might result in the loss of hair all over the body. This type of hair loss usually recover itself after the treatment, and the hair in most cases grow back as normal.

How to treat hair loss?

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